Anne Rice, famed author of books about the supernatural and erotica, recently spoke to The Advocate about why she left the Catholic Church.

Rice was interviewed by her gay son, Christopher, a bestselling author and former Lambda Literary Foundation Chair. Back in July, Rice denounced the Catholic Church, calling it “dishonest” and “immoral.” Here she explains why she no longer considers herself a Christian in the traditional sense and speaks frankly about her belief that the Catholic Church is responsible for oppressing gay individuals and gay families.

The main reason I think Christians and Catholics are going through this crisis with gay culture is they cannot face the reality … that good, wholesome, productive gay people exist in all walks of life…. They are at war with information. They’re at war with data. They can’t bear that thought that good gay people could have two adopted children, and get up before an altar or judge and exchange vows and live a good family life.

[Watch the Video Here]

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