Michael Nava, Mexican-American gay lawyer of counsel to the California Supreme Court, is the winner of six Lambda awards for his mystery stories featuring Henry Rios. Michael has now published City of Palaces, the first of four volumes tracking the history of Mexican-American immigration from Mexico during and after the 1910 Revolution to the Southwestern US.

The principal figure is loosely based on the life of gay star Ramon Navarro, the first Latin film heartthrob. In this first volume Jose is born to an unlikely pair, an atheist physician and a devout Catholic aristocrat: their love story and struggles in Mexico City up to the Revolution of 1910 is deeply moving on many levels. The Lambda Literary Review called it “a magnificent contribution to American letters . . . a masterwork.”

Nava will read in Santa Fe at Collected Works, 202 Galisteo Street, at 6.00 p.m. on Thursday, 30th October 2014.

He is eager to meet with people interested in the history of the Southwest, Mexican immigration, gay history and fiction, the early film days in Hollywood, and the historical novel in general.



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