12 Small presses — Ugly Duckling, Futurepoem, Litmus, Belladonna, Talisman and United Artists among others — are gathering together  on Thursday in Chelsea to showcase readings from several authors including a few names we recognize like Mina Pam Dick (whom we met at the Rainbow Book Fair) and Jeffrey Jullich (whom we featured in New Books for May). kari edwards who passed in 2006 and is nominated for a 2009 Lambda  Award is also listed among the authors to be celebrated that evening. Event details and a full list of presses and readers after the jump.

Ugly Duckling, Futurepoem, Litmus, The Figures, Roof, Emergency, Bootstrap, Spuyten Duyvil, Belladonna, Talisman, Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, Corollary, United Artists

invite you to celebrate the following BOOKS and Authors

at ZieherSmith Gallery
May 13, 2010
6-8 PM
516 West 20th
New York City

Impatience by Scott Zieher
Delinquent by Mina Pam Dick
A Book of Unknowing by John High
Now It’s Jazz by Clark Coolidge
To Light Out by Karen Weiser
Moving Blanket by Kostas Anagnopoulos
Look Back, Look Ahead by Srecko Kosovel (trans. by Carlson & Jelnikar)
Five Meters of Poems by Carlos Oquendo de Amat
American Junkie by Tom Hansen
Slut Lullabies by Gina Frangello
Kyra Kyralina by Panait Istrati (trans. by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno)
Poems of the Black Object by Ronaldo Wilson
Space by Clark Coolidge
Traffic & Weather by Marcella Durand
Your Country is Great by Ara Shirinyan
Document by Liz Fodaski
Portrait of Colon Dash Parenthesis by Jeffrey Jullich (New this month)
Time of Sky & Castles in the Air by Ayane Kawata (trans. by Sawako Nakayasu)
Aufgabe #9, edited by Grinnell, Johnson & Brolaski, and by Mark Tardi
Bharat jiva by kari edwards (Lambda Award finalist)
Rancho Weirdo by Laura Chester
No. 111 by Kenneth Goldsmith
Mon Canard by Stephen Rodefer
The Front by Kasey Mohammad
Seeing Out Loud by Jerry Saltz
Procedural Elegies / Western Civ Cont’d / by Joan Retallack
Would With And by Cathy Eisenhower
The Evil Queen by Ben Perez
A New Book From Rome by John Wieners
Seduction by Lynda Schorr
Postcards to Box 464 by Amanda Laughtland
Parish Krewes by Micah Ballard
The Imperfect by George Tysh
Absolutely Eden by Bobbie Louise Hawkins
My Autobiography by Barbara Henning
A Place in the Sun by Lewis Warsh
The Influence of Paintings Hung in Bedrooms by Phyllis Wat
Contradictions Aphorisms by Nick Piombino
A Lesser Day by Andrea Scrima
No Gender edited by Brolaski, Kaufman, Grinnell
Collected Poems by Gustaf Sobin
As If Free by Burt Kimmelman
The Eco Language Reader ed. Brenda Iijima
Preterrain by Craig Santos Perez
Water Damage by Bhanu Kapil
The Private Listener by Pamela Lu
The Language Parable by Summi Kaipa
The Belladonna Elders Series, Vol. 1-8, (Emma Bee Bernstein, Gail Scott, Leslie Scalapino, Lyn Hejinian, Anne Waldman, Chris Kraus, Tisa Bryant, et al.)

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