'The Great Believers' by Rebecca Makkai

With friends and loved ones together one moment and gone the next, Rebecca Makkai’s novel is a page-turner that explores living and loving during the height of the AIDS crisis in 1980s Chicago…. read more

'Ruination' by Katie Jean Shinkle

Ruination—whether we call it a collection of flash fiction or prose poetry, or even a lyric novella—is meticulously crafted into a tight, acrobatic structure… read more

'Terrible Praise' by Lara Hayes

The first in the Redamancy Series,Terrible Praise is a highly engrossing story. The characters draw the reader into the story while the pacing keeps the reader engaged…. read more

‘My Life as a Goddess’ by Guy Branum

My Life as a Goddess is a cocktail of asides, digressions, footnotes, hyper-specific references to somewhat obscure pop culture items, and a voice that is equally self-deprecating as it is proud… read more