Howl: Poetry as Film

Ginsberg for Generation Adderall Howl, a movie about the iconic poem of the 50s Beat movement, offers nothing new to those familiar with Allen Ginsberg and the Beats. What it does instead is transmit a full-bodied poem into a movie. It’s not quite an adaptation but more of a close reading of a poem, annotated… read more

'Delphinium' directed by Matthew Mishory

This thirteen-minute short feels a bit like a mash-up between Jarman’s films The Last of England and Caravaggio with a touch of Todd Hayne’s Poison. Jarman fans will recognize Mishory’s deployment of Jarman’s iconography and technique, including collaged home movies and episodic, dreamlike narration…. read more

Isherwood through Ford's Lens: 'A Single Man' 40 Years Later

George is not only the centerpiece of the movie, he is given a complex interior life, filled with astute observations about love and grief that transcend his gay identity. Yet, despite these advances, I was left with one nagging question: why did this story need to include the ubiquitous gay suicidal ideation in its narrative?… read more