'Felt in the Jaw' by Kristen N. Arnett

Felt in the Jaw excels at revealing moments of fracture, moments at which the careful facades Arnett’s characters have built around their inner lives finally crack. … read more

'Crudo' by Olivia Laing

In Crudo , Laing tells an urgent, hyper contemporary tale about love and queerness in the age of political unrest and collapse… read more

'The Fifth Woman' by Nona Caspers

In twenty three connected exquisite moments (or stories), the novel constructs a map of loss, its creative potential, its capacity to tear open the world, trouble boundaries, and dust everything with wonder… read more

'The Great Believers' by Rebecca Makkai

With friends and loved ones together one moment and gone the next, Rebecca Makkai’s novel is a page-turner that explores living and loving during the height of the AIDS crisis in 1980s Chicago…. read more

'Ruination' by Katie Jean Shinkle

Ruination—whether we call it a collection of flash fiction or prose poetry, or even a lyric novella—is meticulously crafted into a tight, acrobatic structure… read more

'Terrible Praise' by Lara Hayes

The first in the Redamancy Series,Terrible Praise is a highly engrossing story. The characters draw the reader into the story while the pacing keeps the reader engaged…. read more