Call for Submissions: 'Shame: An Anthology'

Shaming is both a cultural practice and a form of abuse. It’s used by parents, teachers, government, police, social media, healthcare professionals, and countless other entities to punish and to ensure compliance with dominant values. Women, immigrants, people of color, LGBTQIA folks, and people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to shaming and its long-term effects,… read more

Call for Submissions: Applications Open for Multidisciplinary Retreat

The Cabins is a multidisciplinary retreat in Norfolk, CT for people working in the creative arts. Open to artists, writers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, poets—pretty much anyone who has rarely had employee health benefits—the annual retreat was founded on the tenets of open-mindedness, collaboration, and financial accessibility by novelist and screenwriter, Courtney Maum…. read more

Call for Submissions: A Collection of Transmasculine Erotica

Phreedom Media is open for submissions for Aura, a collection of transmasculine erotica. As the streams of communication open about transgender and transexual identified indivudals, lines between taboo and mainstream are becoming blurred.  Aura challenges our collective stereotypes of transgender men to expose and change…. read more