The Lives of Angels

Aside from the lgbt books that crossed my path recently, one book, The Lives of Angels by Emanuel Swedenborg, caused me to look twice. … read more

Queer Rites: 'Faitheist'

An atheist might be said to believe in everything that can be seen. Perhaps one could add a belief in the betterment of humankind, in improving the planet, and in an agreed upon ethical system of right and wrong: Do not kill, steal, cheat, discriminate, etc. Disregard for the ethical code and the offender (in… read more

Queer Rites: November 2012

While reading Salman Rushdie’s Joseph Anton, the story of Rushdie’s life in hiding after he was “sentenced to death” by the Ayatollah Khomeini on February 14, 1989—a book that I am still reading, but slowly, because I am not all that enamored with Rushdie’s style—I came across a reference to English writer Bruce Chatwin. Chatwin, born… read more

Queer Rites: Where Are All the Old Philadelphia LGBT Heroes?

What happens to the legacy of lgbt leaders when they are no longer in the spotlight? I ask this question because on Facebook recently somebody posted a YouTube video of the 1989 Philadelphia Pride march and rally.  I remember arriving at that march somewhat late and attended the events near the LOVE sculpture near City… read more

Queer Rites: Faith Politics and Sexual Diversity

In August of last year, I boarded a Greyhound bus for Scranton, Pennsylvania for a week’s stay in an Orthodox monastery. Okay, so it wasn’t like flying to Honolulu for a week, but for me it was more or less a necessary trip. Since I was a teen I’ve been visiting monasteries. At 14, I… read more

Queer Rites: God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality

Like most people, I weathered the media panic surrounding the coming of Hurricane Irene. Although the rational part of me remained calm, the media frenzy seemed to want people to overreact. The loud chorus of doom had taken over every other item in the news. “Hurricane of the century,” “Hurricane of Hurricanes,” people were saying…. read more

'True Stories: Portraits from My Past' by Felice Picano

It’s easy to forget that there once was a time when there was no gay literature, and when the act of writing a serious gay story was considered a useless endeavor because there was nobody around to publish it. In the 1970s, even avant garde trade paperback publishers rejected manuscripts with (non-pornographic) homosexual themes…. read more

Queer Rites: June 2011

Many of the books that have come across my desk in the last couple of months have emphasized religious conversion, new ideas about faith, excommunication and acceptance. The classic definition of a religious conversion is changing from one religion to another. Looking outside the LGBT spectrum for a moment, a few conversion stories (from my… read more

Metaphysical Journals & Radical Faeries

Explorations in Queer Spirituality My interest in religion, spirituality and books along those lines does not exclude a preference for the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). This may sound incongruent given the conservative nature of Traditional Catholicism, where toleration for same-sex affection is even lower than it is in your typical Novus Ordo parish. But it… read more