'One Hundred Days of Rain' by Carellin Brooks

In Carellin Brooks’ One Hundred Days of Rain, we meet a woman going through a divorce with a small son in Vancouver. Rain serves as a kind of co-narrator to the book; it’s both character and metaphor… read more

'Spheres of Disturbance' by Amy Schutzer

“[Spheres of Disturbance] disturbs our ideas about the end of our lives, about how death goes—it invites us to ask ourselves what we want, for our lives and our deaths.”… read more

'The Possibilities of Mud' by Joe Jiménez

The speaker in The Possibilities of Mud roots down and out in the Texas Gulf. He puts himself in league with the deer of the arroyos and the other animals in the world. “The cattle egret is a golden life as much as she is white”–each creature seems a lesson in how to let the… read more

'Tiger Heron' by Robin Becker

“Observant songs of history and elegy, these poems turn our faces to what we can do with love and language, and what we can’t.”… read more