Losing our Hero, Rest in Power Leslie Feinberg

Yesterday, while the NYC sky was dark and stormy and filled with tears, I learned that Leslie Feinberg had passed away. I was on the N train, dazed and crying, surrounded by tourists and commuters. I was unable to find the right words to describe Leslie’s influence and what hir passing means to me, personally,… read more

'Brace Yourself' by Alysia Angel

Brace Yourself—part title, part warning—is the debut e-book collection from Alysia Angel. Angel, a noted fiction, non-fiction, and memoir-based writer and a 2011 and 2012 alumnus of the Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Retreat, is a force to be reckoned with. A self-described southern-bred working class high femme queer, Angel expertly brings readers into the gritty underbelly… read more

'Cha-Ching!' by Ali Liebegott

Ali Liebegott’s novel Cha-Ching! is like a message in a bottle, a moment of desperation, survival and dreams. The novel, released by the new Sister Spit imprint (headed by Michelle Tea) of City Light Books offers readers a snapshot into the life of Theo, a dyke who when we first meet her is placing the… read more

A Week at Saint And Sinners--A Queer Literary Festival

For years I have been hearing about the legendary Saints & Sinners Queer Literary Festival. I have heard nothing but amazing things, and was delighted when this year all the pieces fell into place for me to not only attend, but to participate on panels and in readings as well. Saints & Sinners, now in its… read more