Susan Stinson: Body and Soul

“I am an out lesbian writing about Jonathan Edwards, who many consider the most important Christian theologian this country has ever produced, an icon for many, including many who don’t accept queer people – to go into that territory was scary.”

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Sally Bellerose: A Question of Humiliation

Maybe writers who want to write better stories need to ask more interesting questions and readers need to be willing to be left with interesting questions when the story ends.

The world is complex. The best questions may never get fully answered, not in literature, not in life. … read more

Writing the Body - Dread Diseases and Doddering Fools

“In fiction and life, the way a person’s body and mind function are facets of who they are.  Disease or fear of disease is one of many challenges that inform our lives and the lives of most characters….” Some writers write from the head.  Most often, my work starts with the messy, pleasure seeking, ripening,… read more