'A Fast Life: The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos' ed. by David Trinidad

During my senior year of college, as I was researching for my thesis on the poetic response to AIDS, I ran across Tim Dlugos’s “Retrovir” in Michael Klein’s anthology Poets for Life: 76 Poets Respond to AIDS. Immediately gut-checked and seduced by those few poems, I went searching for more Dlugos, which wasn’t exactly easy,… read more

'What The Right Hand Knows' by Tom Healy

Lambda Award Finalist Tom Healy’s terse lines and spare poems draw attention to negative spaces – places of silence, critical gaps, and contemplative absence. What he gives us, consequently, is that which is crucial, essential, and known. Yet the binary implied by the title (with the knowing right hand) opens up the opportunity for speculation… read more