'Loving Liz' by Bobbi Marolt

Loving Liz (Bold Strokes Books) is Bobbi Marolt’s third novel, and she introduces Marty Jamison, the renowned Broadway actor, and Liz Chandler, straight author of lesbian romance. Unbeknownst to either of them, they’ve been fans of one another for 20 years. They’ve never met, until a chance meeting in a bagel shop in New York… read more

'Kissing the Rain' by Larkin Rose

This is Larkin Rose’s fifth novel. In this outing, she introduces the reader to fashion designer Eve Harris, a driven workaholic at the top of the fashion ladder with no time for dating and romance. She gets physical relief using a British phone sex operator named Lexi…. read more

'Parties in Congress' by Colette Moody

In Parties in Congress (Bold Strokes Books), Lambda Award winning author Colette Moody introduces Bijal Rao, a political researcher. Rao works for a little known Republican mayor who is running against the incumbent, Congresswoman Colleen O’Bannon, for the House of Representatives seat in Virginia. During a chance meeting with a beautiful woman in an elevator,… read more

'Just a Little Romance' by Mary Jane Russell

Mary Jane Russell’s new novel introduces Samantha Moyer, who is successful in her professional life. She is, however, much less successful in her private life. She is in her 40s and searching for the love of her life in all the wrong places…. read more

'Nothing but the Truth' by Carsen Taite

In Carsen Taite’s fourth novel, she introduces readers to two powerful women: Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County, Ryan Foster, and defense attorney Brett Logan. The two attorneys couldn’t be more different. Ryan is uptight, driven, always in control, and always dressed impeccably. Ryan has been tapped to succeed her boss, the district attorney, taking… read more

'Not Every River' by Robbi McCoy

Randi Randall works at the Yuma, Arizona office of the Bureau of Land Management as the resident geologist. She loves Yuma, the people who live there, and the surrounding desert. She has finally gotten her life together and is happily single. Kim Gatlin, an archaeologist from  California university, has received permission to survey and catalogue… read more

'Wildfire' by Lynn James

In Lynn James’ first outing, Wildfire (Bella Books), Captain Elaine Thomas works for the National Forest Service. She has sworn to protect the land and the creatures who live there. Botanist Dr. Devon McKinney has been given permission to examine the effects of a toxic spill on NFS land. The two women realize that they… read more

'Dying to Live' by Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou

This the fourth in the authors’ Elite Operatives series. Here, Baldwin and Alexiou tell the tale of Zoe Anderson-Howe, the spoiled child of a business mogul. She is kidnapped by Columbian guerrillas, known as FARC, who want to ransom her for millions of her father’s money. She is taken deep into the Columbian jungle to… read more

'Trauma Alert' by Radclyffe

Trauma Alert (Bold Strokes Books) is the first in Radclyffeʼs new series, “First Responders.” Dr. Ali Torveau is a trauma doctor in a Philadelphia hospital, while Beau Cross is a firefighter and first responder with the Fire Department. When the two meet for the first time, sparks fly. Ali, however, senses danger and vows to… read more

'Come Back to Me' by Chris Paynter

Angie Cantinnini and Meryl McClain dated in college. Meryl’s rich and powerful father broke them up by telling Meryl that if she continued to see Angie, he would ensure that Angie would lose her scholarship. Meryl complied with her father’s wishes that also included that she marry the man of his choice. Like a dutiful… read more