'96 Hours' by Georgia Beers

96 Hours (Bywater Books) is Georgia Beers’ eighth novel. Here, she takes on the sensitive subject of 9/11 and the 96 hours in the lives of two women after the towers fell. It is the story of Abby, a happy-go-lucky globe trotter on her way to visit her mother before heading out on the road… read more

'Beautiful Game' by Kate Christie

Kate Christie’s Beautiful Game (Bella Books) opens in 1991 when Camille (Cam) Wallace is starting her sophomore year at San Diego University on a soccer scholarship. Cam is focused on soccer. She’s not thinking about her future, she hasn’t yet met the love of her life, and is content to allow life to happen to her…. read more

'Open Water' by Pol Robinson

  Cass Flynn, after a grueling year of surgeries and rehab, has made it back to top physical condition. She is named an alternate for the 2008 Olympics double scull US Rowing Team. While disappointed she won’t be going to Beijing, she continues on the comeback path. Then she gets a call. THE call. There… read more

'Devil in Disguise' by Robin Alexander

In Alexander’s ninth book, she introduces the reader to Natalie Summons two years after a drunk driver killed her lover, severely injured her, and changed her life forever. Natalie has moved to a small town near Baton Rouge, Louisiana and purchased a house in a sparsely populated neighborhood…. read more

'InSight of the Seer' by Linda Anderson and Sara Marx

The authors introduce Guin Marcus, LAPD cop and closet psychic. Guin is involved with her sergeant, Cheryl Jones, who is married with kids. Their affair is conducted secretly since the Department forbids dating on the job. The two cops ignore the edict and see one another when they can. When they respond to a call… read more

'Leaving L.A.' by Kate Christie

In Leaving L.A., author Kate Christie introduces Eleanor Chapin, who put her plans to become a child psychologist on hold while she cared for her terminally ill mother. When her mother dies, she moves to Los Angeles to start a new life. She moves in with her best friend from college, Sasha, and finds a… read more

'For Me and My Gal' by Robbi McCoy

Shelby Pratt was fired from her waitressing job at an upscale restaurant because a diner took umbrage with the service and the food. To add to her misery, her grandmother, Lucille, broke her hip and had to move to a rehabilitation facility, and Shelby agreed to temporarily move into Lucille’s home…. read more

'Ghosts of Winter' by Rebecca Buck

Rebecca Buck introduces Ros Wynne, a teacher who has suffered the breakup of her long-time relationship with Francesca, the death of her mother, and her decision to quit her job all in the same year. When she unexpectedly inherits an 18th century manor house, Winter Manor, on the condition that she restore it to its… read more

'Jane Doe' by Lisa Girolami

Jane Doe (Bold Strokes Books) is Lisa Girolami’s fourth book. Girolami introduces Royal Wooten, Las Vegas pawn shop owner. As she leaves her shop one evening, she sees three men mugging someone. She and an employee come to the victim’s rescue, scaring off the muggers. They find a woman who is seriously injured and requires… read more

'Breaker’s Passion' by Julie Cannon

This is Julie Cannon’s 8th novel. Here, she introduces the reader to Elizabeth Collins and Colby “Breaker” Taylor. Elizabeth is a college president from New Hampshire and lesbian romance author who is in Hawaii for 10 weeks on vacation and to finish her latest book. Colby is a surfer instructor and surf shop owner. Neither… read more