Cynthia Carr: Searching for David Wojnarowicz

“He always felt like he was an alien and that people wouldn’t accept him as he was. He created camouflage.”

Writer and biographer Cynthia Carr discusses the public and private life of the iconic artist David Wojnarowicz along with the challenges of creating a cohesive history that blends the two…. read more

Bill Clegg: Surviving Addiction

“For years, I tried to control my drinking and my drug use, and I nearly lost my life because of it. I hurt many people in that deluded thrashing. In the writing of these two books, which has taken up all of my free time for the last six years, I think–coming to the end–I felt a real sense of closure…”

Writer and literary agent Bill Clegg took some time to talk with Lambda about his new memoir, Ninety Days, his “relationship” with New York City, and the trials of staying sober…. read more

'David Hockney: A Rake's Progress' by Christopher Simon Sykes

Christopher Simon Sykes’s new biography of Hockney is the first in a planned two-volume set; this one covers 1937 to 1975. This is not a biography that will entice those seeking gossip. Instead, it offers rich research and details about how Hockney grew up…… read more

'At Home with Myself: Stories from the Hills of Turkey Hollow' by David Mixner

Ask anyone of any sexual identity about David Mixner, and there is a good chance they will discuss his political work.  Whether it has been his activism to end the Vietnam War, to call for global nuclear disarmament, to challenge California’s Proposition 6 (which would have made it illegal for gays and lesbians to work… read more

'If You Knew Then What I Know Now' by Ryan Van Meter

I have written a few reviews for LLF over the last couple of years, but I have never said this about any book I’ve reviewed: this is a book I wish I had written. This was not the first time I had read Van Meter’s work, having read his essays in top literary journals such… read more

'It's Not Really About the Hair' by Tabatha Coffey

When I told friends I was reviewing It’s Not Really About the Hair (It Books) for LLF, most responded in the same general way, “She scares me, but I love her!” And that is how I thought of her before reading this book. Like most people, I was introduced to Tabatha on the first season… read more

'Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man' By Bill Clegg

It is with a sense of shame that I admit I approached Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man by Bill Clegg with a bit of negative bias. It was getting too much attention with high-profile praise in places like the New York Times Book Review; I often wonder if that is the result… read more

'The Bucolic Plague' by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Halfway through Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s The Bucolic Plague, I started taking notes for this review and was ready to call it the perfect summer read, ideal for those pockets or time lying on a beach, traveling on a train, or sitting in a coffeehouse.  Finishing the book, I realized that I was not giving it the… read more

'Where's My Wand?' by Eric Poole

Publishers try to entice customers to buy their books by overtly connecting them to established, popular writers. Penguin does this on their official website for Eric Poole’s Where’s My Wand?: One Boy’s Magical Triumph over Alienation and Shag Carpeting by connecting Poole to the incredibly prolific David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs. I worry that such… read more