'Blind: A Memoir' by Belo Miguel Cipriani

Book jackets are always asking us: What would you do if…? And a memoir allows us a peek into someone’s experience to learn from them, feel some catharsis, and know more about ourselves once we’ve read it. Blind: A Memoir  (Wheatmark) by Belo Cipriani asks: What would you do if you were blinded mid-life by… read more

'Blood Strangers: A Memoir' by Katherine A. Briccetti

What causes us to call each other ‘family’?  Do genetic links hold meanings in the absence of actually meeting one who shares them?  Is blood thicker than water when water is all you’ve ever known?  Each of these questions is considered in Blood Strangers (Heyday Books), a memoir of one woman’s search for her father’s biological family.  Briccetti… read more

'The Feeling of Kinship' by David L. Eng

On September 22, 2010, a Florida appeals court ruled the state’s thirty-three-year-old ban on adoptions by gays and lesbians unconstitutional. This ruling, along with legalized gay marriage in a fluctuating number of states and the 2006 Lawrence v. Texas decision overturning state laws against sodomy, is part of a movement toward what David L. Eng… read more