'A Field Guide to Deception' by Jill Malone

This is Jill Malone’s second novel. Her first, Red Audrey and The Roping, won the Bywater Prize for Fiction, which is how she came to be contracted for this second novel, also published by Bywater Books. Her characters are sharply drawn. Liv, the hardworking, hard-drinking, hard-playing construction contractor, works for Claire, the single mother of… read more

'Arusha' by J.E. Knowles

Lambda Award Finalist Arusha is a place in Africa, the setting for peace accords to bring calm to a region torn by many things. The book Arusha, the debut novel by J.E. Knowles, cleaves to this theme. A family struggles to come to its own peace accords: between husband and wife, between mother and children,… read more

'Lilac Mines' by Cheryl Klein

Lilac Mines was born a boomtown in the mining period of the late 1800s. Its boon was a silver mine. Lilac Ambrose was a miner’s daughter, who vanished into the mine in 1899. The novel Lilac Mines, Cheryl Klein’s first novel, plays out against the backdrop of uncovering what happened to young Miss Ambrose by… read more