'A Several World' by Brian Blanchfield

“Unlike many master verse stylists, Blanchfield is bursting with things to say, and in ways that have not been said before. As a result, A Several World is a challenging, baffling, wonderful book.”… read more

'Clay' by David Groff

On June 30 2013, at the New York City Pride Parade, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) declared an HIV Prevention emergency. Armed with new CDC statistics that report alarming increases in rates of infection among young gay men, members of the group wielded banners (“Fuck Smarter! Fight Harder! FIGHT AIDS!”) and disseminated… read more

'Slow Lightning' by Eduardo C. Corral

So much has already been said about Eduardo C. Corral being the first Latino poet to be honored by the Yale Series of Younger Poets, and his book Slow Lightning has received enthusiastic responses from critics and readers alike. (A 4.3-stars “Goodreads” rating based on 111 rates and 24 reader reviews is as impressive as… read more

'H' by Jim Elledge

When Walt Whitman declared, “Through me many long dumb voices . . . voices veil’d and I remove the veil,” our greatest American poet was making a commitment to speak of and for all the economically, ethnically, and socially marginalized people who might otherwise be trivialized or ignored.  In the spirit of that commitment, Jim… read more

'Penetralia' by Richard Foerster

“I’ve loved the dead too much,” Richard Foerster concedes in “Burning the Names,” one of many tough-minded, delicately crafted poems from Penetralia (Texas Review Press), the poet’s sixth full-length collection of verse. It’s a telling moment in a book filled with telling moments—all of them difficult, all of them earned—for Penetralia is more than anything… read more

'Moonman: New and Selected Poems' by Clifton Snider

Poet, critic, and political activist, Clifton Snider has been writing and publishing since the early 70s. Yet, despite good critical reception and the admiration of discerning readers, his work has flown under the radar. World Parade Books’ release of Moonman: New and Selected Poems may at long last bring Snider the wider visibility he deserves…. read more

Paul Legault: Russian Pineapples and the 2000 Years

“It’s interesting how appropriation—as a writing method—still has the stigma of being ‘impersonal.’ It’s actually the most personable thing you can do—in a social media sense: liking, reposting, remixing. It’s not just a form of flattery; it’s love or art’s equivalent.”

A finalist for this year’s Lambda Literary Award category for gay male poetry, Paul Legault talks with Lambda about appropriation in writing, being influenced by the sonnet form, and his intended audience…. read more

Michael Klein: Still Living

“…. Writing should never be mawkish or sentimental!  Why bother?” Poet Tony Leuzzi interviews current Lambda Literary Award finalist Michael Klein about his latest collection, then, we were still living (GenPop). Among other things, they discuss what Klein calls the “hypocrisy of death glorification,” 9-11, and the difference between older and younger poets…. read more