'Bend to It' by Kevin Simmonds

“It would be redundant to ask if Simmonds plays an instrument when his voice is an instrument, a conduit of incomparable depth and range.”… read more

'This Blue' by Maureen N. McLane

“McLane has made me appreciate the artful ways that ‘high’ and ‘low’ diction co-exist in her own work—and more than co-exist: the ways her idiosyncratic approach to poeming thrives through deft and playful juxtaposition.”… read more

'Collateral Light' by Julia Cohen

A confession: I like to read the endings first. Not for novels or narrative memoirs, but always for a collection of poems. I’m not worried that the last poem in the book is going to give something vital away. Surprise is chronic in good poetry, and insight is recursive. These aren’t elements the reader has… read more