'Now and Yesterday' by Stephen Greco

Fresh out of college, Peter moved to New York City in 1975. Wide-eyed and determined to make it as a poet, he and his boyfriend, Harold, moved into a place in Brooklyn, ready to face whatever hurdles came their way. Fast-forward to 2012, Peter is a bigwig at an advertising agency and Harold has long… read more

'All I Love and Know' by Judith Frank

“[…A] quick-witted and moving novel that acutely explores the ways in which families mourn, the toll death takes on relationships and the resilience that allows people to survive […]”… read more

'Maggie & Me: Coming Out and Coming of Age in 1980s Scotland' by Damian Barr

Margaret Thatcher was no friend to Scotland – hundreds gathered in Glasgow’s George Square to celebrate her death in 2013 – nor was she one to the burgeoning gay community – she passed Section 28 which outlawed the promotion of the “acceptability of homosexuality” in 1988 – yet for the young Damian Barr, her indefatigable… read more

'Necessary Errors' by Caleb Crain

Twenty-something Jacob Putnam leaves his native America for post-Communist Prague in an attempt to find himself. Yet this debut novel by Caleb Crain, Necessary Errors (Penguin), is far more than another tale of a gay man’s self-discovery. With delicate prose and probing insight, Crain touches upon an array of universally felt and emotionally fraught issues…. read more

A Magazine for Men Who Date Men: 'Hello Mr.'

“[Gay men] are people and, like everyone else, we inhabit all corners of the world and partake in every possible interest. Hello Mr. not only recognizes this, but aims to showcase and celebrate our diversity.”… read more