'Collaborators' by Deborah Wheeler

In Deborah Wheeler’s Collaborators, Earth scientists take refuge on an alien planet after a devastating mid-space accident. With nowhere else to go, and desperate to make repairs, they initiate first contact with an alien civilization on the planet Bandar. But their mere presence on the planet accidently sparks off a devastating war between the alien… read more

'Fighting Gravity' by Leah Petersen

Leah Petersen’s debut book is touching, emotional; a comfortably domestic love story set against the backdrop of politics in an empire that spans the galaxy. Our narrator, boy-genius Jacob Dawes, is an oddly mature child who “steps between a punch” at six, is chosen for relocation to the Imperial Intellectual Complex at eight, and “makes… read more

'The Empress Sword' by Paulette Jaxton

With a kingdom to save and a dragon to slay, not to mention the loss of a dear friend and the first stirrings of a childhood crush, transitioning into a female is literally the least important problem on Crown Prince Aster’s mind…. read more