'Purpose & Devil Piss' by Robert Siek

Siek’s poems have a way of hooking you in with the specificity of daily life’s doldrums (commuting, car battery lugging, grocery shopping, mail opening, dishwashing, working, and working out) and the speaker’s inner thoughts and lively, sometimes brooding associations. … read more

'The Late Parade ' by Adam Fitzgerald

There’s a new luxury condo building coming to Tribeca—a glass 60 foot skyscraper, with a Jenga-like design that the architect’s firm calls “houses stacked in the sky.” This building was on my mind a bit reading the poems in Adam Fitzgerald’s The Late Parade (Liveright). There’s a clean, sturdy but jagged structuring to the work,… read more

'The Asylum' by Simon Doonan

Barneys Creative Ambassador-at-Large Simon Doonan has made a name for himself in what he describes as his “jarring and punky and intentionally shocking” window displays. In his new book The Asylum, a collection of fashion-related autobiographical essays, Doonan also continues to make a name for himself as a writer…. read more

Stephen S. Mills: Sex, Identity and Self

“I’m not only showing the flattering sides of myself, but those dark or random thoughts we’ve probably all had at some point.”

In the striking and intimate Lambda Award winning poetry collection He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices (Sibling Rivalry Press), Stephen S. Mills explores sex, relationships and identity. The Lambda Literary Review asked Mills a few questions about the book and what he has planned next…. read more

'Music for Porn' by Rob Halpern

Music for Porn (Nightboat Books) is a linguistic symphony of the fetishization and politicization of the body of the “soldier” and an exploration of intimacy and desire…. read more

'Blue Stranger With Mosaic Background' by Wayne Koestenbaum

I recently attended a taping of Oprah Winfrey’s “Lifeclass” with Deepak Chopra and Perez Hilton—who, swears he’s enlightened now—at Radio City Music Hall. Oprah’s adoring fans took notes in spiral notebooks and on their iPads. I appreciated Oprah & co.’s attempts to heal but I wasn’t quite connecting with the collective euphoria. Chopra noted something… read more