'Tomorrow May Be Too Late' by Thomas Marino

In Thomas Marino’s oddly titled memoir, Tomorrow May Be Too Late, one might expect to discover handsome lovers with suspenseful careers and personal secrets dashing to expensive rendezvous at exotic locales and engaging in sizzling, passionate sex. To a degree, that’s what Marino delivers in this sincere but long winded epic of his ten-month affair… read more

'Union Atlantic' by Adam Haslett

Union Atlantic is a smart book.  Cerebral.  Highbrow.  Articulate.  Or at least, the author and all it’s supporting characters would like you to believe that.  It has a protagonist who fought in the Persian Gulf, Doug Fanning, who yearns to leave the Navy behind and “begin his real life,” which at thirtysomething means becoming the… read more

'My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them' edited by Michael Montlack

Lambda Award Finalist The talent contributing to and discussed in the anthology My Diva is enormous.  Among the 65 contributors to this collection of mini-essays by gay men on the women who have inspired them are Rigoberto González, Reginald Shepherd, Timothy Liu, Wayne Kostenbaum, Edward Field, Alfred Corn, David Bergman, and D.A. Powell.  Among the… read more

'Chronicle of a Plague, Revisited' by Andrew Holleran

Andrew Holleran was a successful novelist in 1980 when he began writing a column for the magazine Christopher Street, the gay literary equivalent of The New Yorker. The column, “New York Notebook,” was about the latest thrills and lesser issues of urban gay life—dinner parties with friends, dance clubs and their music tracks, Greek statues… read more

'The Distance Between Us' by Bart Yates

Bart Yates’ third novel, The Distance Between Us, is a melodrama surrounding Hester Parker, a five-foot four, 71 year-old concert pianist turned alcoholic college music professor in Bolton, Illinois. Hester, reeling from the suicide of her youngest son Jeremy, also a musical prodigy and a professor, is at odds with her concert violinist husband, Arthur… read more