'2º' by Bev Prescott

is a thought-provoking read that might prompt readers to assess their carbon footprint…. read more

'Terrible Praise' by Lara Hayes

The first in the Redamancy Series,Terrible Praise is a highly engrossing story. The characters draw the reader into the story while the pacing keeps the reader engaged…. read more

'One Fine Day' by Erica Abbott

“Two weeks ago, she was settled into her life: alone, but settled. Today, nothing made sense.” Meet Jill Allen, a forty-three year old, successful attorney with a prominent corporate law firm in Denver, who seems to have it all – she’s a partner in the firm, has a condo with a fancy address, and drives… read more

'Hide and Snake Murder: A Shay O'Hanlon Caper' by Jessie Chandler

Life has a way of getting complicated for Shay O’Hanlon. A thirty-something lesbian, Shay is co-owner of the Rabbit Hole, a coffee shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, her hometown. Shay has had a reputation for being the “Tenacious Protector” of her family and friends, standing up to bullies since grade school. When she was ten years… read more