‘Felicity’ by Mary Oliver

Over her past few collections, Mary Oliver has moved away from the sweeping depictions of nature and fascination with religion that permeated her early and mid-career books. In her most recent work published by Penguin Press, she has focused on short poems about over-coming depression, rediscovering love, and celebrating joy as well as gratitude. In… read more

‘Blue Horses’ by Mary Oliver

Continuing an artistic renaissance that began with A Thousand Mornings, Mary Oliver’s latest poetry collection, Blue Horses, finds her exploring a new home and rediscovering love…. read more

'Way to Go' by Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan’s first novel, Way to Go (Orca Book Publishers), is not the sex comedy its publicity materials would have you to believe. Instead, the book presents a classic bildungsroman—that is, a conventional coming-of-age story. While the protagonist attempts to negotiate his romantic feelings for men throughout the narrative, his closeted homosexuality serves as a… read more

'Brooklyn, Burning' by Steve Brezenoff

Steve Brezenoff’s latest novel tells the story of a street-kid in Brooklyn accused of burning down a local warehouse. However, the more interesting storyline in Brooklyn, Burning has little to do with the fire, but focuses on the protagonist’s love interests, particularly a newly arrived street-kid who is also a gifted singer…. read more