Bill Clegg, Obliterated by Addiction

Since its release last month, Bill Clegg’s memoir Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man has been on a lot of people’s minds.  It’s shockingly eloquent (although we should expect no less from a successful literary agent), an Orphean account of Clegg’s descent into the compulsive, shattering world of crack addiction.  His career, personal… read more

What I'm Reading

I’m finally getting to a book that’s been on my list for a while, The First Verse by Barry McCrea.  It was nominated for a Lammy back in 2005, but I imagine a lot of its readers don’t think it got as much attention as it deserves.  Written in simple, hypnotically beautiful prose, it’s the strangely compelling story… read more

New LGBT Books for June

UPDATED: LGBT Pride Month brings with it a whole host of new books, including memoirs by a gay icon, John Waters, and a not-so-gay icon, Christopher Hitchens, who nevertheless candidly explains exactly what went on at night in his all-boys boarding school in Cambridge. Hitchens’s book, Hitch-22, though not as queer-centric as most of these… read more

Drunken Boat Online Journal

Decades after Women’s Lib and Stonewall, in the time of queer theory, gurlesque and “girls gone wild,” there are still aspects of women and transgender people’s sexuality that are taboo or discounted (the sexuality of older women and women with disabilities, for example, or a joyful transgender sexual self). We are looking for poems, prose, and multimedia/interactive art that address… read more