Danny M. Hoey Jr. : Not So Distant Past

“[…] write your truth however painful it is or may be. You have to do that in order to create a narrative that is honest and true to your art or your idea of art. Let the pain guide you.”

Author Danny M. Hoey Jr., took some time to talk to Lambda Literary about the intricacies of his debut novel, The Butterfly Lady, and the intersections between his professional academic life and his artistic ambitions…. read more

Daniel Mendelsohn: Beyond Borders, Beyond Identities

 “I learn things when people write intelligently about my books. That’s what you want as a writer, you want to be taken seriously and you want to be read intelligently. You can learn from an intelligent review—not necessarily a ‘positive’ review.” Waiting for the Barbarians , the latest collection of essays by Daniel Mendelsohn, covers… read more

John Irving: Sexuality, Empathy, and Humanity

“There’s no question that I’ve always identified with a wide range of sexual desires.”

By now, John Irving trusts his audience to suspend its recognition of his set pieces—something like a regional stage director presenting a re-purposed backdrop. In his latest novel, In One Person, those mainstays —an absentee father, wrestling mats, “sexual outsiders”— are transformed through a shift in point of view and tone (less darkly comic, more serious). Moreover, this time out, someone in Irving’s world fesses up to harboring bisexual desires.
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Chad Harbach: The Strategies of Baseball, Friendship, and Love

“…I don’t want to try and boil down the book, but I just think there’s a whole kind of crazy spectrum of the way that men feel about each other and interact with each other that doesn’t often get described”

The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach’s bestselling literary jock novel—named one of the NY Times’ “10 Best in 2011”— astutely maps the complicated and intense relationships of a set of baseball players at a fictional college campus.

Lambda Literary ambushes Harbach with questions on his novel’s tone, as ripe with homoeroticism as any locker room. And the author gamely replies.

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