'Limiters' by Christopher Stoddard

“More narrative snapshot than traditional story, Limiters left me thinking for days afterward, not just about its characters, but about story, society, and my own expectations [ …]”… read more

'The Suiciders' by Travis Jeppesen

The Suiciders is in some respects a challenging read, but for those willing to step out of their habitual zones of comfort there is reward to be found for the effort…. read more

'Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders' by Samuel R. Delany

Delany clearly wants to push buttons, intellectually and emotionally, but he doesn’t restrict that to those buttons relating to sex. He also challenges us to think about race, class, morality, and literature itself, and what preconceptions we bring to those subjects. … read more

'What You See in the Dark' by Manuel Muñoz

It is difficult to casually categorise Manuel Muñoz’s first novel. Mystery? Noir thriller? Romance? Literary fiction? Historical fiction? Meta-fiction? The answer, as it turns out, is all of the above. … read more