'Who the Hell is Rachel Wells?' by J.R. Greenwell

There is an abundance of down-home charm in this new collection of Southern-themed stories by J.R. Greenwell, Who the Hell is Rachel Wells? It is rare to come across such rich layers of humanity in contemporary literature. Here, Greenwell serves as a tour guide, taking his readers on a love-fueled ride through the back roads… read more

'Monarch Season' by Mario López-Cordero

Like many beach-themed novels in which a get-away is providing a much-needed escape from real lives, the intoxicating allure of hedonism and all-things illicit are the driving forces for many of the characters we meet in Monarch Season…. read more

'Finding Bluefield' by Elan Barnehama

Elan Barnehama’s appealing debut novel, Finding Bluefield, is both ambitious and successful on many levels. While the novel can be categorized as a historical romance, many strong components elevate the story above the typical formula of its genre. Yes, the love story is there and it’s a solid one that sustains, but the romance here… read more

'Pacific Rimming' by Tom Cardamone

I am even less than I thought. The wind in the whorl and not the shell itself. This is what the nameless narrator of Tom Cardamone’s new novella Pacific Rimming realizes early on in this drug-fueled odyssey of sex and lust. Suffering from a self-admitted obsession with Asian men (It is a constant source of… read more

'A Horse Named Sorrow' by Trebor Healey

A Horse Named Sorrow has the musicality of a punk rock anthem; as a reader, you experience the same sensation of seeing your favorite underground band perform live, singing along with the unforgettable lyrics that have defined your youth…… read more

'What Comes Around' by Jameson Currier

From an adolescent crush on a swimming instructor to the imagined drowning of a high maintenance boyfriend, Currier explores every aspect of relationships – the good, the bad, and the very dysfunctional – each set in a literary landscape perfectly crafted for the lovelorn. … read more

'The Paternity Test' by Michael Lowenthal

At first glance, the concept of Michael Lowenthal’s The Paternity Test (Terrace Books/University of Wisconsin Press) reads like the possible synopsis of a new television show. The plot of two gay men deciding to become fathers by way of a surrogate mother feels familiar in the current culture of gay-family based sitcoms (The New Normal)… read more

'Remain in Light' by Collin Kelley

Sex, drugs, and chain-smoking Parisians abound in Collin Kelley’s new novel Remain in Light (Vanilla Heart Publishing), the cinematic sequel to his popular first novel Conquering Venus, and the second in the Venus trilogy. Depending on the page, Remain in Light is a mystery, suspense thriller, romance, or a work of glam or literary fiction…. read more