'Long Black Veil' by Jennifer Finney Boylan

Long Black Veil shifts focus from the past to the present as a group of college friends become involved in a harrowing, inexplicable disappearance at a ruined Pennsylvania prison… read more

'The Summer We Got Free' by Mia McKenzie

Society is often both attracted and repelled by the artist, just as artists are often attracted and repelled by their own vision and talent. McKenzie gives this concept blazing vivid life in The Summer We Got Free…. read more

'Broken Like This' by Monica Trasandes

Flip over the book you’ve been reading and take a look at the descriptive phrases that adorn the back cover. I’m such a strange brew of optimism and skepticism, especially as a reader, so words like “potent,” “wise,” or “beautifully rendered” don’t faze me much. As a writer, however, I am ever the optimist, believing… read more

'Tea Leaves: A Memoir' by Janet Mason

Tea Leaves (Bella Books), by Janet Mason, is a memoir that offers the reader an intimate record of  three generations of women in a working class Pennsylvania town. Moving back and forth across generations, Mason traces the paths of a grandmother, a mother and a daughter in a moving and poignant account of the lives of… read more