Mykki Blanco Calls on Queer Academics for Inspiration

Hip-Hop grenade Michael Quattlebaum, under alter-ego Mykki Blanco, exploits sexual ambiguity in her music and troubles the gender roles, refusing the stereotype of rap music. She tells The Village Voice: In all my press releases, I make them use the word ‘her.’ Even if you’re looking at a picture of Mykki Blanco shirtless in baggy… read more

Nia King: Web Comics for the Queer Set

QTPOC Comics by Nia King – Oakland Artist, Activist and Anarchist Growing up as a Queer, Black/Lebanese/Jewish woman, King is more than adept and equipped to author a comic calling on the life experiences of two queer people and their interracial relationship. The tagline for the King’s tumblr reads: “I’m mixed. My partner is trans. These… read more

Poet Collin Kelley Explores Adolescence and Sexuality in New Collection

Though established as a journalist and novelist, Collin Kelley is also a poet, and until recently, tucked poetry in the passenger seat. In The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kelley details his writing process and the nurturing of his new collection, explaining the artistic links between himself and Virginia-born artist Sally Mann and how her work jolted his love… read more

Scholar Amalia Ziv on Being Queer and it's Importance as an Identity

In a recent interview with Haazretz, Tel Aviv based scholar and author Amalia Ziv talks about her life as a parent and her new book, subtitled Queer Theory, Pornography and the Politics of Sexuality, which explores why ‘queer’ is a more up to date term than ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’—among other topics. Attending to this issue, Ziv explains… read more

LGBT History Month in the UK: Reflecting on Sexuality as Portrayed in Young Adult Literature

B.J. Epstein, lecturer at the University of East Anglia, UK, asks us to consider representations of LGBT characters in literature and prompts a discussion on how to avoid inaccurate, sometimes damaging portrayals. While the progress LGBT communities have made in these past years can invoke marvel, Epstein feels some “leaps” are not as successful as others:  “The… read more