'Willful Machines' by Tim Floreen

Tim Floreen weaves a tightly knit thriller that will delight both its targeted teen audience and adults who enjoy a wonderfully created futuristic world… read more

'The Vines' by Christopher Rice

“[…] Rice’s latest novel […] creatively blends his first talent for mystery and suspense with his heritage and own imaginative horror to produce a captivating horticultural nightmare. […]”… read more

The Literary Merits of Speculative Fiction

I’ll cut to the chase: This opinion piece is primarily a plea with everyone to stop the snotty, highbrow judgments against speculative fiction. Not everyone thinks this way, but enough do to warrant a conversation about the matter…. read more

'Lake Thirteen' by Greg Herren

In less than five pages of Lake Thirteen (Soliloquy), Greg Herren yanks you into a tale of fear and love. Once started, I stayed and read to the finish this combination of teen romance and ghost story, unable to put it down. Of course, coming from the master of gay horror and mystery writing, this… read more

'20th Century Un-Limited' by Felice Picano

The maturation of LGBT literature provides a vast array of authors, genres, and styles from which a reader chooses what books to enjoy. What a pleasure to see such diversity for our community, which once struggled to publish even the best of writers. New authors abound, coming from a solid amount of publishers. Yet within… read more

'Before and Afterlives' by Christopher Barzak

Lethe Press continues to produce quality LGBT literature, especially as a leader in speculative fiction. This latest collection of short stories adds nicely to Lethe’s offerings. Christopher Barzak offers up a mysterious and captivating collection of 17 essays that grab your attention and haunt you even after you finish them…. read more

'Adaptation' by Malindo Lo

If you had nightmares as a child, or still do as an adult, after watching Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, then I recommend that you never pick up this novel. Because this fast-paced young adult story begins with birds hurling themselves into airplanes that then drop out of the sky, both the birds and the planes…. read more

'Green Thumb' by Tom Cardamone

Tom Cardamone has established himself as a unique voice in gay speculative fiction. Picking up one of his stories begins with a sense of wonder about what you will encounter because he never does the same thing twice, nor does he replicate in any way what you find from other authors. I had that sense… read more