'How New York Breaks Your Heart' by Bill Hayes

In this new collection of photographs, Hayes provides us an even larger look at a New York we are in constant interaction with–its noises, colors, its claustrophobic (yet somehow thrilling) density, and its openness… read more

'Primer' by Aaron Smith

Primer is revelatory. The book opens up a dialogue on trust, joy, rejection, celebration, fear, and anger. But the book’s essential power and beauty is its sense of emotional knowledg… read more

'Immaculate Blue' by Paul Russell

With Immaculate Blue, Paul Russell brings to a close four memorable friendships that loved deeply enough to always risk its often faltering arrows… read more

'When I Was a Twin' by Michael Klein

Good poets make us think; great poets make us imagine. And this is exactly what Michael Klein helps us do in his visceral, exultant, new collection of poetry and prose… read more

‘Silverchest’ by Carl Phillips

The poems of Carl Phillips are not an easy read; that is their innate pleasure. Over time, they become, to this reader at least, mesmerizing stories to which one returns often for their constant and distinct voice, as well as their inevitably erotic gravitational pull. Phillips gets the sex just right, as few poets actually… read more

Bryan Borland: A Most Fortunate Son

“I’m proud that I didn’t wait until I was perfect to begin. That’s perhaps the biggest lesson. You want something? Do it.”

Bryan Borland, whose newest book is Less Fortunate Pirates: Poems From the First Year Without My Father, is a poet and the noted publisher of Sibling Rivalry Press, which he began in 2009.

Borland talked with Lambda Literary about starting Sibling Rivalry Press, literary life in Arkansas, and his plans for the future… … read more

'Rivering' by Dean Kostos

The examined life, in poetry, is sometimes a rant. Not so Dean Kostos’s new collection of poems, Rivering (Spuyten Duyvil Press), which is just the opposite. This collection presents self-discovery and homage with a pure air of ceremony, startling visual imagery, and a refreshing clarity of language. These poems encompass a whole range of personal… read more