'Hotel Living' by Ioannis Pappos

Management consultants don’t exactly sound like the kind of people that would make for interesting summer reading: they evoke thoughts of boardrooms, airport lounges, expense accounts, and the kind of asshole with whom not many people would want to spend time. Stathis, the protagonist of Ioannis Pappos’ Hotel Living, fits all those descriptions and more,… read more

More Colors than Purple

I first saw The Color Purple at the cinema in 1986 and I did not like it. It was too melodramatic for me, particularly the separation scene where Celie is dragged down the porch stairs, holding on to Nettie who is banished, screaming “Why? Why?” I was a teenager on a first date. My date… read more

'The Testament of Mary' by Colm Tóibín

Catholic groups and the Vatican have nothing to worry about. Tóibín, an Irishman raised Catholic, not only has the respect for Mary that one might have for their own mother, but also for who she is in terms of religion, and, arguably history – the ultimate, most famous mother of all…. read more

Chantal Regnault: Deep in Vogue

French-born photographer and documentarist Chantal Regnault began documenting New York City ballroom and voguing scene in the late 1980s, capturing it at its height.

Her collection, Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-92, was released this year by Soul Jazz Records. Regnault took some time to answer a few questions related to the publication.
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'Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-1992' by Chantal Regnault

Chronicling the years when voguing exploded into public consciousness and went from uptown New York to downtown, from the ballroom to the boardroom and into people’s living rooms, Chantal Regnault’s photographs in Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 1989-1992 (Soul Jazz Books) capture the excitement and longing of a sub-section of the city’s gay creative energy…… read more

Alan Hollinghurst: Beauty, Love, and Literature

“I tend to write about people, who like myself to some degree, are loners by temperament, or live in their own sort of imaginative world. I think I tended to do that a fair bit actually. That has more interest to me than writing a happy love story…”

Lambda talks with Alan Hollinghurst about poetry, publishing, love, money and, of course, beauty…. read more

'The VIPs' by Scott Poulson-Bryant

The VIPs (Broadway Books/Random House), Scott Poulson-Bryant’s first novel, is no let-down. The author must have spent many a night watching soap-operas and mini-series’ in the 80s. If so, it paid off. He writes with ease and an eager pace, giving you season-finale style cliff-hangers after every chapter. … read more