Tanith Lee: Channeling Queer Authors

The prolific author Tanith Lee—almost 300 short stories, over 90 novels—is something of a legend in genre fiction. Her vast output includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, young adult, historical and mystery. She has won major awards, including the World Fantasy Award (twice) and her fiction has been widely anthologized. She is known for her lyrical… read more

'The Wolf at the Door' by Jameson Currier

Jameson Currier’s latest novel has all of the trappings of Southern Gothic fiction: a steamy New Orleans setting, ghosts, voodoo, and the specter of the Peculiar Institution (slavery).  What he does with such timeworn tropes, however, is unique.  Avery Dalyrymple III co-owns and runs the Le Petite Paradis, a ramshackle gay guesthouse in the Vieux Carre with his ex-partner,… read more