How Everett Maroon Turned Me Into an Unintentional YA Fan

I imagine it is bad form to start off talking about a book by bad-mouthing its genre, but I felt the need to disclose, if only to emphasize how damn good Everett Maroon’s new young adult novel is: I don’t much care for YA. Well, at least I thought I didn’t. Let me explain…. read more

T Cooper: Adventures in Manhood

In his new book, Real Man Adventures, novelist T Cooper turns his searing lens and sharp wit toward himself to capture something of the elusive experience of what it means to be a man, more specifically, a man who was assigned female at birth. … read more

Carter Sickels: Honesty, Compassion, and Grace

“You rarely see gay characters who are living in rural areas in contemporary fiction. Not all queers want to live in cities. People stay in small towns for different reasons, but sometimes they stay because this is home, because they love the land, they feel this deep connection.”

Author Carter Sickels took some time to talk with Lambda about his debut novel, The Evening Hour (Bloomsbury), his writing process, tenderness between men, and coming out as trans. … read more