Amanda Kyle Williams: Creating Kick-Ass Women

Mystery writer Amanda Kyle Williams first made her mark on the publishing world in the early 90s with the Madison McGuire novels from Naiad Press. Madison was Williams’ answer to The Avengers’ Emma Peel – a redheaded, kick-ass, deep cover operative, who happened to be a lesbian. Twenty years later, Williams is now with Random House and her new kick-ass heroine is Keye Street, a former FBI analyst tracking serial killers across the south, who happens to be straight. 

Williams took some time to talk with Lambda about her inspirations, her writing process, and creating well-rounded characters…. read more

‘Earthquake Came to Harlem: Poems’ by Jackie Sheeler

The poems in Jackie Sheeler’s new collection, Earthquake Came to Harlem (NYQ Books) are a blow to the head and heart; the work is raw, gritty but also finely crafted. A native of New York City and a well-known musician, activist and reading series curator at famed Cornelia Street Café, Sheeler has never been one… read more

10 LGBT Teen Novels that Tackle Teen Suicide & Bullying

In September, the suicide of 18-year-old Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi was a tragic close to a shocking month of gay teens taking their own lives. Clementi’s dormmate secretly recorded the teen having sex with another man, sent out messages on Twitter and broadcast it across the Internet. Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge…. read more