'All Together' by Dirk Vanden

I wrote ‘The Problem with Gay Porno’ because if I’m going to be aroused by erotica, I need the good story to know what’s going on in a man’s head not just his orifices. As erotica editor of this webpage I celebrated authors who kept my attention by showing me men who revel in the… read more

Literotic: 'Teleny and Camille' by Jon Macy

In the introduction to Teleny and Camille (Northwest Press)— the 2011 Lambda Literary Award Winner for Best Gay Erotica—the author states his desire is to make something from “the lush language and the erotic scenes” of an erotic novel written by Oscar Wilde and his circle of friends in Victorian England…. read more

Modern Faerie Tales

2011 Lambda Literary Award Finalist When I picked up the short story collection A Twist of Grimm: Erotic Fairy Tales for Gay Men (Lethe Press), by William Holden, and read, “Once upon a time…” I thought what followed would be some tired porno story for men who fantasize about blond Disney characters. What followed was… read more

Gay Erotica: Alive and Throbbing

Looking back at 2010 in Gay Erotica With 18 books submitted for this year’s Awards, Lambda Literary has a healthy showing of erotica written by a number of men and one woman. The year’s nominees include mythical creatures with hard dicks and wet holes, skaters and bottoms, one about bears, one on sex in Vancouver… read more

'Blood Sacraments' ed. by Todd Gregory [NSFW]

For men who are into sucking blood, Blood Sacraments (Bold Strokes) is the collection for you: nineteen stories of vampire sex edited by Todd Gregory. It’s my first exposure to blood lust, as opposed to lusty Bloods in South Central. Although, they could easily make another collection…. read more

'Hard at Work' by Brad Saunders

Hard at Work (Kensington Books) is a collection of erotic stories written by Brad Saunders, the author of Men I Might Have Known, a similar collection of missed connection stories. The stories in Hard at Work are classic tales of lust based on the writers’ personal experience. Each involves sex with men who work as… read more

Sam Steward: Scholar & Pornographer

Samuel Steward is a little known ancestor but one worth knowing. Not as the crazy uncle in the attic but the strong headed gay cousin a friend of Alice B. Toklas until her death and a keeper of a stud file of all his sexual encounters. After teaching popular English classes for twenty years, Steward became… read more

'Hard and Fast' by Sean Wolfe

Hard and Fast (Kensington) was a good read. It met my criteria: My dick responded. I was relieved to pick up a book or porno and after reading the first two pages know I wanted to read the rest of the story. Sean Wolfe is a compassionate, erotic master. His characters come alive as human… read more

Remembering John Embry (1926-2010)

Drummer Magazine Founder Dies John Embry was born in 1926 in Winslow, Arizona. He died in his home in San Francisco on September 16, 2010. He was 83. At 18, he moved to Los Angeles and attended art school before he was drafted into the US Army in 1949. After leaving the army, he pursued… read more

'Muscle Men' & 'Biker Boys'

I consider Richard Labonté the Dean of gay pornography.  I met him years ago at A Different Lights Books, which he managed when it had books of substance and was the place our community met to plan the next demonstration.  Sadly, the store now is another of the rainbow five-and-dimes on Castro Street with glossy photographs… read more