'Fortunate Light' by David Bergman

In his diminutive yet formidable collection, Fortunate Light (A Midsummer Night’s Press), David Bergman has achieved something relatively rare in contemporary poetry: a way to discuss sex that is intriguing, witty, intelligent, nuanced, frank and subversive. He is not salacious or graphic, but neither is he lofty or coy. In “Narcissus” he interprets myth as… read more

'The Talking Day' by Michael Klein

The Talking Day is a nuanced, poignant, humane and absorbing collection, making supple use of the intricacies and exquisite radiance of language…. read more

'Queer Theatre and the Legacy of Cal Yeomans' by Robert A. Schanke

Something I often find annoying about biographies is their blatant attempts to shape our responses. Either the writer crafts an homage, believing the subject is beyond reproach, or barely concealed antipathy creates a portrait that is diminishing. Such is not the case with Robert A. Schanke’s current treatise: Queer Theatre and the Legacy of Cal Yeomans. Schanke… read more