'Ivan and Misha' by Michael Alenyikov

The connection you share with another person, however brief or seemingly insignificant, can leave a lasting impression, if not with you then perhaps on those close to you. Michael Alenyikov’s interesting story collection, Ivan and Misha (TriQuarterly/Northwestern University Press), centers on twin Russian brothers living in New York City… read more

'Remembrance of Things I Forgot' by Bob Smith

At one time or another, we’ve all said, “If only I had known then what I know now”, or “If I had it to do over, I would…”, either quietly to ourselves or out loud.  The idea of traveling back in time and rewriting history is hardly new, and the concept has been profiled repeatedly… read more

'Double Bound' by Nick Nolan

In his exciting debut novel, Strings Attached, author Nick Nolan introduced readers to Jeremy Tyler, a displaced California teen learning to adjust to his new life and home with his wealthy aunt Katherine after his alcoholic mother enters rehab.  Jeremy comes to terms with being gay, uncovers the mystery behind his father’s death and learns… read more

'Robin and Ruby' By K. M. Soehnlein

On the eve of the anniversary of their younger brother’s death, two siblings endure an emotionally exhausting weekend fraught with danger, disappointment, surprises, and redemption in K.M. Soehnlein’s poignant third novel, Robin And Ruby. The author’s award-winning debut novel, The World of Normal Boys, introduced readers to Robin MacKenzie, a young teen coming to terms… read more

'Time After Time' by JP Bowie & 'The Rest of Our Lives' by Dan Stone

TIME AFTER TIME JP Bowie MLR Press ISBN: 9781608200566 Paperback, 288p Lambda Award Finalist Michael, a graphic designer from Los Angeles, is bequeathed a large sum of money along with property on the English countryside. He soon learns the house was the former home of his gay uncle, whose partner died under mysterious circumstances and… read more

'A Keen Edge' by H. Leigh Aubrey

Lambda Award Finalist “What is fair?” and “What is right?” are just a sample of the questions examined in H. Leigh Aubrey’s beautifully written, albeit somewhat schmaltzy, romance novel. The protagonist, Scott Daven, an architect from Charlotte, North Carolina, appears to have it all—a successful career, wealth, three healthy sons, a devoted wife, and a… read more

'Drama Queers!' by Frank Anthony Polito

Lambda Award Winner Drama Queers!, is a charming young adult novel for the hopeless romantic in all of us who would like to turn back the clock to our last year of high school. Author, playwright and actor, Frank Anthony Polito, made news when Facebook refused to publish the title of his first novel Band… read more