'Alexandros' by Stanley Barber

When I first heard about Alexandros: the Lifelong Love Story of Alexander the Great and Hephastian, son of Amyntor (iUniverse), I wasn’t sure what to think. Written as a musical libretto, I was wary whether Stanley Barber could pull it off without seeming corny or silly. But the first few pages cleared away any doubt…. read more

'The Passing Game: Queering Jewish American Culture' by Warren Hoffman

Warren Hoffman, in this fascinating study, continues a conversation only recently begun by books such as Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community and Keep Your Wives Away from Them: Orthodox Women, Unorthodox Desires, as well as films like Eyes Wide Open, about a same-sex relationship in an Orthodox Jewish community. All of these… read more

'Now the Drum of War: Walt Whitman and His Brothers in the Civil War' By Robert Roper

This fascinating study examines the relationship between Walt Whitman and his family, refuting the popular notion of the poet as wandering through the world alone. Through extensive use of Whitman family letters and Whitman’s own notebook entries, journalist Robert Roper fleshes out the familial ties of “the great gray poet” previously unknown to most readers,… read more

'Advocate Days & Other Stories' By Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson has lived in exciting times.  Growing up in northern California in the 60s with a passion for journalism and advocacy, he was perfectly situated to join the staff of The Advocate, first as a freelancer, soon rising to become Senior and Cultural Editor.  He writes of his personal journey, and the changes he… read more

'The Talented Miss Highsmith' by Joan Schenkar

Patricia Highsmith was a creative, prolific novelist, but a complicated, secretive person, with a tumultuous personal life.  This revealing biography of Tom Ripley’s creator uses her personal diaries, private correspondence, and close friends to explore her many selves, some of which she wanted to keep hidden…. read more