'The Salt Ecstasies' by James L. White

Part of Graywolf’s wonderful “Re/View” series, which publishes important work by out-of-print and outsider poets, The Salt Ecstasies, one of the jewels in the crown of Graywolf’s impressive poetry catalogue, seems long overdue for such treatment. Luckily, it was worth the wait. Series editor Mark Doty introduces the collection with a thoughtful essay, and has… read more

'Breakfast With Thom Gunn' by Randall Mann

Lambda Award Finalist Randall Mann, whose debut collection Complaint in the Garden earned raves and was winner of the Kenyon Review Prize in Poetry, has returned with Breakfast with Thom Gunn, a recent Lammy finalist. Mann, like the iconic poet he references in his title piece, impresses with his subtle yet confident use of formal… read more

The World Underneath: Richard Tayson

With his second book of poetry, Richard Tayson delivers mightily on the promise of his wonderful debut collection, The Apprentice of Fever. More than ten years have passed since that collection, but the wait was well worth it…. read more

'Want' by Rick Barot

Rick Barot, whose first book, The Darker Fall, won Sarabande Books’ Kathryn A. Morton Prize in 2002, is back with another impressive collection, Want. Longing surfaces and resurfaces throughout Want, most evidently in “Echo,” an allusion to the nymph of Ovid’s Metamorphoses whose love for Narcissus goes unrequited…. read more

Legacies of Love: Winston Wilde

It has often been stated that the blessing and curse of queer relationships is that we must create our own rules and models. Since most of us come from heterosexual families and heteronormative cultures, we often feel that we are reinventing the wheel–or, more accurately, inventing the wheel–when we attempt our own queer romances. This… read more

'Boy With Flowers' by Ely Shipley

Boy with Flowers (Barrow Street), selected by Carl Phillips for the Barrow Street Press Poetry Prize, is one of the most assured collections by a first-time author to appear in recent years. Touching, lovely, and at times harrowing, Ely Shipley thrills the reader with snapshots of childhood, family, relationship, the inner life of the outsider…. read more