Bruce Benderson: Against Marriage

“The book is not against gay marriage. Or any kind of marriage, as a private sacrament with no connection to government or law. It’s against marriage as a legitimate legal institution.”… read more

'Paris Is Burning' by Lucas Hilderbrand

In the latest contribution to Arsenal Pulp Press’s “Queer Film Classics” series, Lucas Hilderbrand sets his sights on that legacy object, the fabulous and enduring cultural phenomenon that is Paris Is Burning…. read more

Chris Kraus: Summer of Hate

“I was writing art essays, doing my job, but the concerns of high culture in circulation then had nothing to do with what was going on in the world. And this was very disturbing to me. To just continue what I was doing felt very collusive and weird.”

The spirited iconoclast, novelist, art critic, and publisher Chris Kraus talked with Lambda Literary about her new novel, Summer of Hate, her involvement with publishing imprint Semiotext(e), and a recent foray into curatorial practice…. read more

Kevin Killian: The Contingency Approach

“…I realized there wasn’t any point in me trying to be the new Henry James, Marcel Proust or William Faulkner. Living in California, I think, helped this. California is like the home of failure, I suppose. Not only failure, but contingency, accidents and things falling apart…”

Novelist and critic Kevin Killian took some time to talk with Lambda about his new novel, Spreadeagle, Kylie Minogue, and writing inspired reviews. … read more

Dennis Cooper: Florid Mysteries

“I’m really afraid of repeating myself or writing a book that just doesn’t need to exist for me. I don’t want to get to the point where I’m just writing stuff, where everybody’s like, ‘here’s another one of these stupid books…’… read more