'Celluloid Activist' by Michael Schiavi

Douglas Crimp’s seminal essay “Right on Girlfriend” begins with a memory of Vito Russo’s memorial.  Arnie Kantrowitz’ Under the Rainbow, his memoir of his Gay Activist Alliance (GAA) years, offers some of its most poignant lines to his two decade friendship with Russo. “We Love You Vito!” members of ACT UP cheered on Gay Pride… read more

Harvey Milk & the Politics of Neighborhood Life

Friends Remember Mayor of Castro St From 1992-1995, I lived in San Francisco. I stumbled into a job working 12-8 AM shifts at a housing program for people living with HIV/AIDS. I spent most of those late night shifts listening to the residents at the facility tell stories. My greatest surprise was how meaningful people… read more

'Kicked Out' ed by Sassafras Lowrey

Comprised of first-hand accounts of queer people pushed out of their homes into the mean streets of the USA to fend for themselves, Kicked Out is a distinct, important book.  It combines auto-ethnographic narratives of survivors with accounts from social workers and policy makers who lay bare the gaps in services and care, as well… read more