Stefani Deoul's 'Carousel' Ride

Stefani Deoul’s The Carousel is loaded with characters you won’t forget, including a mysterious stranger known only as “the merry-go-round lady” or “boss lady.” To say her arrival transforms the small, Northeastern town is an understatement. Deoul’s debut is a close and careful look at what constitutes identity, community, and even spirituality. Drawn by beaten… read more

'Murder in City Hall' and 'The Seeker'

Facing a shelf full of romance novels can be daunting. It’s hard to determine what is great, what is good, and what is mediocre or just plain bad. That is why it is a delight to recommend two really good romances from two really good writers. One is from relative newcomer Mary Jane Russell and the… read more

6 Sizzling New Romances

New books are rolling off the presses faster than we can read them! Independent, small presses and major publishing houses alike are offering the kind of well-written lesbian fiction, with multi-dimensional characters that are worth a reader’s time. As the season heats up here are 6 new novels to consider from KG MacGregor’s cruise companion,… read more

Kate Clinton Told You So

The election of Barack Obama was, no doubt, a bittersweet moment for comedians, political satirists, late night talk show hosts, and fumerists like Kate Clinton. Clinton, in fact, says more than once in her new book, I Told You So, that “during the Bush regime, what was bad for us was good for me.” From… read more

The Latecomer Legacy Project

Not long before Anyda Marchant (known to lesbians of all ages as Sarah Aldridge) died in 2006, she told friend Fay Jacobs, “you know, you are the future of A & M Books,” Jacobs told a crowd of almost 50 at a recent book signing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Marchant and her partner Muriel Crawford… read more

'The Latecomer' by Sarah Aldridge

When I came out, virtually overnight, at 21, I had no idea what books and movies were or weren’t out there and how they might have portrayed gay and lesbian lives and relationships. But it didn’t take long to find out that books like Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness, and movies like Making Love… read more

'Verge' by Z. Egloff

Lambda Award Finalist Lesbian fantasy meets lesbian nightmare: nuns!! Not a bad description of Z. Egloff’s Verge. Sure, it’s the story of Claire McMinn, barely sober Don Juanita, promising young filmmaker, but mostly it’s the story of resistance and surrender. Claire struggles to resist the lure of Sister Hilary at the neighborhood community center, but… read more

'Backslide' by Teresa Stores

Backslide, predicts Kathering Forrest, “will be a classic in our literature.” And when it is, it will be because of the author’s unique perspective on the considerably less unique journey of a rather typical (though lesbian) teenager, Virge. Appropriately titled Backslide, Stores hits on some of the main themes of contemporary religion: sins, redemption, hypocrisy… read more

'Gravity' by Leanne Lieberman

Fundamental Christianity gets all the media attention regarding social issues in our country. Set in Toronto in the late 1980s, Leanne Lieberman’s Gravity brings to the fore the question of Judaism’s view of homosexuality–as well as the gay individual’s view of her Judaism. In Gravity, an orthodox Jewish teenager, Ellie, is caught between her mother’s… read more