'The Prince of Los Cocuyos' by Richard Blanco

Sly, subversive and as funny as the early work of David Sedaris, it is also a joyful slice of Cuban-American life, as well as a poetic, profound and profoundly beautiful coming-of-age story of a boy raised in Florida in the ’70s and ’80s…. read more

'Pee-Shy' by Frank Spinelli

Frank Spinelli’s memoir is about suffering sexual abuse as a child; the rupture it caused within his family; and his journey to wholeness, a goal attained only after harrowing effort…. read more

'Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes' by Kamal Al-Solaylee

Intolerable (Harper Collins) is remarkable. One of its most striking qualities is that unlike most coming out or coming-of-age tales, Kamal Al-Solaylee doesn’t limit his scope to his personal story. Writing in light, quick prose, he situates this vigorous narrative of sexual self-discovery and odyssey within two larger themes. Like cupped palms, they overlap and encapsulate a… read more