Buster Bits Publishing is accepting submissions from GBTQ African-American men for a riveting new anthology Living in the Shadows: Real stories of molestation and sexual abuse by black men.

The genesis of this project began with allegations of a popular African-American minister at the center of a sexual abuse scandal involving former young male members of his high profile church.

Websites and blogs were inundated with a frenzy of posts analyzing the situation and offering opinions. Comments ranged from efficacy of the time table of events, credibility of both the accused minister and the young men, mega churches and their position in the black community, religion in general, and even the legal age of consent of sexual activity.

Perhaps the most eye-opening comments on these websites and blogs were the revelations of African-American males telling of their own history of molestation and sexual abuse, many for the first time (including a well-known cable news anchor who disclosed his own history of abuse live on his news program).

The primary goal of this project is to provide a literary platform for these “voices” to continue being heard long after this scandal is resolved by our legal system.

An additional goal, and perhaps more important, is to empower future generations of black boys and teens (and others) who unfortunately will have to endure molestation and sexual abuse at the hands of adults. They will know that they are not alone, that there is help for them if they seek it, and that there is life after abuse.

Most genres are being accepted for consideration in this anthology, including: autobiographical stories; personal memoirs; graphic memoirs; montage memoirs; essays; segmented essays; blog posts; poems; religious/non-religious theme, and original art work.

Submissions should follow MLA format, be 2,000-8,000 words (except for blog posts, poems, and artwork), and can be forwarded by both snail mail and online. Due to the sensitive nature of this project, those selected have the option of being published under pseudonym.

For more information, to submit a story, or to receive submission guidelines, please contact Linus “Buster” Spiller, c/o busterbitspublishing@gmail.com.

Linus “Buster” Spiller is a freelance writer whose articles and op-ed work have been published in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Voice, Dallas Weekly, Windy City Times, and a black collegiate monthly publication.

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