Deadline for Submissions: March 15, 2011
Editor: Radclyffe
Publisher: Cleis Press

Guidelines for Submissions

  • Published or unpublished short stories or novel excerpts
  • Previously published material acceptable if published between September 1, 2010 & December 31, 2011
  • Word count: 1500 – 5000 words
  • Electronic submissions only to:
    1. e-mail header: BLR 12_ AuthorName or Pseudonym _Title (eg. BLR12_Radclyffe_Story Title)
    2. .rtf attachment (story)
    3. e-mail body: story title, author legal name, pseudonym if any, address, phone/fax, e-mail address, word count, if story previously published: anthology title/publisher/Pub date, 50 word bio

Story Format:

  • Arial; 12 pt; .rtf
  • double-spaced; number pages upper right; standard paragraphing; no HTML
  • file name: AuthorName or Pseudonym_Title (eg. Radclyffe_Story Title)

General Info:

  • o   The anthology is scheduled for publication from Cleis Press Fall/Winter 2011
  • You will receive email confirming submission receipt with 5 days
  • Submission decisions will be provided by e-mail summer 2011
  • Erotic content is welcome as long as the emotional/romantic elements are focal
  • Multiple submissions (no more than 3) accepted
  • Payment: $50 and 2 contributor copies
  • Please send questions to:

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