From the publishers who brought you Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South comes the next anthology in New Lit Salon Press ’s new series: Behind the Yellow Wallpaper : New Tales of Madness.

In 1892 Charlotte Perkins Gilman published “The Yellow Wallpaper” as a critique of the commonly prescribed, but often lethal “Rest Cure,” which she herself had suffered through. This “cure” (which involved confinement and discouragement from mental activity) had the potential to lead women to insanity – even death. Gilman’s efforts helped change the public perception of isolation treatments for female hysteria but over a century later the treatment of women’s psychological ailments remains problematic and subject to gendered bias. Simultaneously, women continue to face social stresses that make them vulnerable to mental illness.

In short, for so many reasons, many women remain trapped in mental illness, creeping Behind the Yellow Wallpaper, battling to get out.

Pieces are encouraged to:
*Address issues of intersectionality that may affect women’s mental health such as: physicality, sexuality, trans* identity, race, class, pregnancy and motherhood, religion, etc.
*Address any other social issues that impact women’s mental health.
*Take a feminist approach to the topic
*Consider/react to/react against what Gilman might write if she were writing in the 21st century.

Please include a brief cover letter telling us a little about yourself, where you’ve published before, etc. But don’t worry if this is your first time out: we still want to hear from you!

Stories should be 1,000 to 3,000 words. If you’re not familiar with manuscript formats, consult William Shunn’s excellent guide.

Art can be in any visual medium (photography, painting, drawing, digital, and beyond). If submitting a photo of a person, you must be able to provide a model release upon acceptance. Files should generally be a minimum of 1,000 pixels on the shortest edge but you must be able to provide print-suitable hi-resolution versions if accepted.

Audio and video submissions are welcome as well. While these pieces may or may not appear in our final e-book anthology, we may publish them online as part of the anthology release.

General Submission Guidelines

New Lit Salon Press (NLSP) combines literary excellence with inspiring and original artwork. We’re thrilled to offer exciting new luminaries the chance to shine.

Like the literary and art salons of old, New Lit Salon Press is founded on the principle that words and srt can and should coexist. NLSP is committed to publishing essays, stories, poems, novels, and art from undiscovered writers and promising artists who struggle to thrive in a marketplace that fails to recognize their talent.

We welcome simultaneous submissions. However, please let us know in your cover letter and notify us in a jiffy if your work is accepted elsewhere.

We will let you know if your work is accepted or declined. If you haven’t heard from us after a couple of months, feel free to send a query.

Upon acceptance, you grant us first serial rights. All rights revert to the author upon publication.

As a new indie press, we are unable to offer payment for acceptance at this time. But we’ll send lots of love your way with links to your website, promotion on our social media, and a free copy of the e-book. Best of all, you’ll be part of the NLSP family!

Click here to submit.


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  1. […] Upcoming anthology in New Lit Salon Press’s new series: Behind the Yellow Wallpaper: New Tales of Madness is seeking submissions. Pieces should address issues of intersectionality that may affect women’s mental health such as physicality, sexuality, trans’ identity, race, class, pregnancy and motherhood, religion, etc.; address any other social issues that impact women’s mental health; and take a feminist approach to the topic. Click here for more information. […]

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