Harmony Ink Press is accepting manuscripts for young adult fiction featuring at least one strong LGBT main character who shows significant personal growth through the course of the story. Identifying as LGBT can be part of the growth process depicted in the book. We are looking for stories in all subgenres, featuring primary characters between the ages of 14 and 18 across the whole LGBT spectrum, that explore all the facets of young adult life. Sexual content should be appropriate for the characters and the story. Manuscripts may contain any level of sexual content; however, excessive, crude or extremely explicit descriptions will be rejected. Sex between a minor and an adult (whether consensual or abuse) will only be accepted if it is implied, off page, has realistic consequences, and overcoming the occurrence contributes to the growth of the character in a positive way.

Submission Highlights
-LGBT primary character between the ages of 14 and 18 who shows significant personal growth through the course of the story.
-Authentic voice, unforgettable characters, and powerful world building (even for contemporary stories).
-Novella or novel length (15,000-90,000 words). All manuscripts over 45,000 words will release in print as well as ebook.
-Any subgenre is acceptable with a fresh premise.

Harmony Ink Press is an imprint of Dreamspinner Press. Submissions inquiries of LGBT-themed Young Adult fiction can be sent to submissions@harmonyinkpress.com. Please indicate Young Adult in the subject line so the submission is given to the appropriate editor for review. Please see http://harmonyinkpress.com/submission-guidelines/ for formatting guidelines and additional details.


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